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Kawaii TV Show – Everything can be kawaii

You can see WHAT IS HOT from this program! Tokyo-Kawaii TV is a program led by girls, and mode for girls! tokyo kawaii tv show icon The host of the show is Ikki Sawamura. Accompanied by singer Beni and model Saya, Ikki will venture out into the world of "kawaii" to encounter young aspiring women in Tokyo. The program will cover everything from fashion to culture and will highlight trend-setters in Tokyo. The women featured are mostly in their teens and twenties. Some aspire to become fashion models, others struggle to build their own fashion empire. Meet the most energetic women in the world!

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Kawaii Greeting Graphics – Kawaii Donuts, Kawaii Cupcakes

Kawaii Cupcake Greeting Graphics - kawaii donut Kawaii donuts saying hi on your MySpace, forum, Friendster, blog. Just saying hi. How ya doing sweetie? Hey sweetie. Hi sweetie. Just showing some sweet love. Kawaii Cupcake Greeting Graphics - kawaii cupcakes Kawaii Cupcake love graphics. Cute Kawaii cupcakes. Showing some love, I love you, I love you cutie pie, Hello, Have a nice night... etc.

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Harajuku Lovers – Super Kawaii Handbags

Kawaii Handbags Harajuku Lovers If you are a handbag lover like me, then you were elated when Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers line was launched in 2005. The clothing items are created at a Los Angeles based company, Jerry Leigh. The forty-five-year-old firm mainly produced sportswear adorned with Disney and Warner Bros. characters, that is until Harajuku Lovers came along. The line consists of everything from handbags and wallets (which are produced by Schifter & Partners) to shirts and shoes, as well as accessories and stationery. It is a line for children, adults and everyone in-between. Many celebrities don the apparel and handbags, and even their famous offspring — including Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and of course Stefani’s son, Kingston Rossdale.

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