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If you like kawaii style, are you prepare to be from inside-out a total kawaii lover?

Kawaii lingerie shop “une nana cool”


Kawaii Style - kawaii underclothes

Kawaii Style - kawaii underclothes


Une nana cool is a retail shop of an underwear company Wacoal but this

shop only sells lingerie with cute designs.The shops are located in the narrow street called Spain-zaka in Shibuya and in a fashion building MYLOAD (we will talk about this name
next time!) and elsewhere nationwide.

Kawaii Style - underclothe shop une nana

Kawaii Style - underclothe shop une nana

There are lots of bras and panties with cute designs. The print pattern of dogs, floret, dot, and stripe are the standard items.


Kawaii Style - bar

Kawaii Style - bar

If you purchase an unpatterned colourful cotton item and also an appliqu for it, a sales assistant can stick it on with a special big iron on the spot at your request. I think for bras there is a range of sizes up to about 36DD for American, and 90E for French, and about 3 for Italian. For panties L size means a big M size.

Are kawaii style underclothes sexy / attractive? I guess you need to try and find out your own result.

Source: 8tokyo.com

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