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Kawaii free gift again! I like free gifts, especially kawaii items! Lucky that there are always new kawaii free gifts! 

Pierre Herme free gifts come with Lipton tea

Someone tell me about the freebies come with ipton tea pet bottle… so I just up and run to a store….  Here is the free gifts….  Pierre Herme cellphone decorations!

Free Kawaii Gifts - kawaii mobile decorations

Free Kawaii Gifts - kawaii mobile decorations

Pierre Herme collaborate with lipton. one cute charm is attach to a bottle.?8 kinds of faux sweets (macarons, icecream cake or chocolate) are made for this campaign.

We don’t know why they collaborate! but these are so cute!!

Free Kawaii Gifts - free kawaii gift pack

Free Kawaii Gifts - free kawaii gift pack

I like the kawaii items made by Pierre Herme. By the time you see this post, may be the free gift period is over, but I think there are more different free gifts coming soon!

Interesting to see a drink team up with a kawaii item producer…. everything can be kawaii!


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